Writing and Life

I saw a picture recently that represented what my thoughts look like most days. It looked something like this:

See how colorful they are?! Sadly, my morning coffee does little to untangle the web; I’m left to that task on my own. Which is why my house is covered in yellow Post-it notes and notebook paper with lists so I don’t forget stuff.

I don’t know if this is from being a writer or a stay-at-home mom, from just being busy or just being me. Whatever reason, I’m used to wading through the fog each day as I try to get things done. And, amazingly enough, things get done.

On that note, I’m hoping to be able to share some excerpts and covers soon for what’s coming. Some events are coming up, which I’m very excited about! I would also love to do some giveaways! I’ll have more details as time goes on–and once I work out those thoughts (see above).

I’d love to hear (or see!) your thoughts! Thanks for hanging with me today!


Welcome to my new website! I’m still figuring all this out, so please be patient while I work out any kinks!

Let me show you my works! Against the Reign is the first book in my Knight Heir Series. The book follows Ginny, a troubled princess from the kingdom of Newrock, who is trying to escape her claim to the throne.

This is a new cover and title for this book! Sadly, my attempts to get the old title removed from Amazon have failed, so if you see this cover with the title Hopeless Reign, that’s still my book! Just one of the bumps in the road, haha! This is what to look for:0001

I’m also the author of the Shadows Breathe Series, under a different name. I’m hoping to publish these books under this name in the future, but for now you can find them on Amazon as is:

The_Shadows_Breathe_Cover_for_Kindle    The_Shadows_Fall_Cover_for_Kindle

I am currently working on book three of the Shadows Series, The Shadows Revive. I hope to have it out very soon! This series follows Kara Springs, a horse trainer from Nebraska, whose decision to save a mare named Lea takes her on an exciting journey.

I’m also working on book two of the Knight Heir Series. I also have a sci-fi, a chick-lit, a possible thriller, and many more horse related books coming in the future! *swipes forehead* Very busy! I hope you enjoy them!

You can find all of my works on Amazon! I appreciate reviews and comments!

Thank you for sharing your day with me!