Cover Reveal! The Wind of Chicanery



Ember Oheada has reached Hoa and her quest for answers is well-underway. Otera has set up a trail for her to follow, but at each stop there’s a test; the planet wants proof that she can be a Guardian and Healer. Relying on her crew to help her through, Ember will battle grass serpents, the terrifying Uxu, and other surprises along the way. But as the relationship between Aaron and Ember deepens, their path will take unexpected turns that could change everything. Either way, their journey will end in Ocrose, when Ember will draw her bow and finally see the Pathfinder’s face—but what will they see when the hood is finally removed?

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Why I Write/Brains to Books Cyber Convention 2018

Recently I was tasked with answering the question why I write. It’s a question often asked of writers; I’ve answered it more than once, usually in just a few simple words.

The truth? Writing is part of who am I. It’s what I do. It’s how I breathe. That may sound dramatic or romantic, but the reality is, it’s not always easy.

Writing is the reason I get up in the morning. It’s what I do at night in my head while I’m falling asleep. It works its way into my dreams. I often find myself adding saidisms in my head to real-life conversations. Do I like you? You may inspire a hero. Piss me off? You may inspire a villain. The whole world is a story; we’re all characters, we’re all following our own plots. I’ve just been chosen to act as narrator.

A writing persona makes Real Life relationships hard. Those who come into my inner circle have to deal with the fact that there are multiple worlds in my head with people constantly demanding my attention. If I go days without writing, I get irritable and have trouble concentrating. The voices in my head sometimes get too loud for me to ignore. I’m always distracted. When things in life get too difficult I often find myself retreating into a fake world. I don’t party. I don’t socialize a lot outside of my house. I’m a homebody. Yes, I like you and want to be your friend, but I’d rather be here writing than going to that gathering of people you want me to go to. If you can understand that, then we’ll get along fine. Otherwise, I’ll probably be disappointing you a lot.

It sounds lonely, but really, it’s not. I’ve lived through some exciting adventures, albeit in my head. I have quite a few friends, even if they’re not visible to others. I have fallen in love several times and will again someday. In Real Life, I’m quiet, shy, and easily ignored. But in my other lives, I’ve saved millions, I’ve conquered villains, and I’ve lived loudly.

Do I sound insane yet? If you answered no, you’re probably a fellow writer. Because you know exactly what I mean.

I consider myself honored to have this affliction. I’m never bored; I always have something to do. I have a passion for something in life. I have never once woken up and thought, Gee, I don’t feel like writing today. I don’t want to do it anymore. I always want to. Always. Every second of every day. I wouldn’t give up writing for anything.

In one of my favorite movies, Inception, a man looks around a room of sleeping people and asks if they go there every day to sleep. The answer? They go there to be woken up. The dreams they dream have become their reality. Real Life is where I reside. My stories are where I live.

And really, who are you to say otherwise?

So, friends, if I haven’t yet scared you off and you’d like to take an adventure with me, check out my works, and join me at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention, April 6, 7, and 8 on Goodreads and other platforms! I’ll be posting more about it as it gets closer. I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

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The Can’t Wait for Spring Blog Hop!

Welcome readers!

I am Dove Winters, YA fantasy author of the new trilogy Ember of the Planet and two books in the Knight Heir Series.

My question for the keyword: What is the first name of the main character in my newest book? (Hint: It’s in the title of the book!)

Want to win a free ebook? Then play a game with me! You can find me on Facebook     and Goodreads . Follow me on one or both of those two sites, then find the character name in the pinned post on Facebook or in the blog on Goodreads. Put that in the comment section of this post and I’ll pick a winner from those listed for one of my ebooks! You just need an email address to accept the ebook from Amazon.

As I am getting ready to release the second book in my trilogy, I’d like to bring you all to the world of Otera! Otera is a living planet, proud of the creatures that walk her skin, especially the two she chooses to act as her Healer and Guardian. The Healer is like a conduit, someone who keeps the planet’s energy flowing and thriving, who makes sure everything is growing and healthy and well. The Guardian protects the Healer using weapons and energy provided by Otera herself. Those chosen are given wrist cuffs printed on the skin, purple flowers and vines for the Healer, vines and thorns for the Guardian. This marks them as chosen by the planet and is the connection to the planet from where they access the energy.

In Ember of the Planet, a mysterious being known as the Pathfinder does something no one else ever has: he kills the Healer and Guardian and steals Otera’s energy for his own use. With the Pathfinder’s threat hanging over them all, and the planet slowly dying from the destruction he caused, Otera chooses a savior with a surprise: she gives the chosen one both the Healer and Guardian’s abilities.

Chosen by the planet to save them all, eighteen year old Ember Oheada finds herself in unfamiliar territory. After the disappearance of their parents when the Pathfinder took over, Ember and her sister Ashla have spent three years trying to pick up the pieces of their lives when Ember’s fate is suddenly sealed. When the Pathfinder takes her captive, Ember is sure her life is going to end. But he can’t kill her; not when the planet has thrown him the curve of two identities in one person. Wanting to know what the planet is planning, the Pathfinder sends Ember on a quest to figure out exactly who she is–and how he can safely destroy her without destroying himself.

After training her to use the gifts she’s been given, the Pathfinder sends her off with Aaron, his personal guard and second, to make sure she fulfills her mission and returns. Their journey will take them to the continent of Hoa, and will take Ember far from everything she knows. Her only choice is to rely on Aaron, until they meet some new allies who promise to help her along the way. But a run-in with some pirates looking to exact revenge on the Pathfinder themselves may end their journey before it begins.

Book two, The Wind of Chicanery, picks up where book one leaves off, as Ember, Aaron, and her new crew journey across Hoa to seek out answers from a mysterious woman. Along the way they encounter dangers such as grass serpents, the terrifying Uxu, and mist creatures born of the Pathfinder’s darkness. But the most dangerous part of it all may be the ever-deepening relationship between Aaron and Ember, a forbidden attraction that could change everything. Whatever happens, their journey will end when they return to the Pathfinder, and his identity is finally revealed. But whose face will they see when he finally removes his hood?

I hope you’ll check out Ember of the Planet! Thank you for reading my blog page, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me for updates on future books! Happy reading, everyone!