The Wind of Chicanery

The Wind of Chicanery is now live on Amazon! Pick up a copy of Ember of the Planet for 99 cents (until March 8th) and you’ll be ready for book two! I hope to have book three done by the end of the year or around this time next year. Book three has some epic battles and a holy-skies-I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moment, so don’t miss it!!

Here is an excerpt from The Wind of Chicanery:

Ember peeked through the gate and saw that Otos was right; the doorway led to a corridor that branched off in two directions. A maze.

“Having second thoughts?” Aaron asked, making Ember jump. She straightened.


“No. I don’t think we should all march in there. Maybe if we just sneak in we can get back the crystal and not even have to face the woman. But we’ll need to get past the maze and we’ll need to be able to sneak in without being seen.” Ember had a hand on her chin as she spoke. All eyes turned to Levrin.

“What?” he asked, looking rightfully afraid.

“I think it’s time for you to earn your keep,” Aaron said. Ember swatted him away.

“Your skills as a thief might just be what we need,” she clarified.

Levrin scratched the back of his head, ruffling his red hair, his eyes looking over the maze ahead of them. “I don’t know, lass. This is a little more than what I’m used to.”

Aaron’s sword, already drawn, pointed at Levrin’s chest. “Then why are you here?”

Ember swatted him away again, placing herself between them. “Look, Levrin, you were brave enough to volunteer to escort me through Hoa. I can’t ask anymore of you than that. Give me any advice you can about it and I’ll go.”

Levrin’s face twisted, his hands going to his hips. He let out a long exhale of breath. “I can’t let you go in there alone, lass. You’re right. I’ve broken into many a residence to steal things. If I’m turning over a new leaf as an honest man, I may as well use my talent for good. I’ll go with you.”

Ember smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. “Good. The three of us will go, then. The rest of you stay behind, watch the horses, and watch for any signs of danger.”

“Be careful, Princess. If you need to, call out and we’ll come in fighting,” Kol said.

Galeran and Nerisa echoed his sentiments, but Aaron leaned against his sword.

“I didn’t volunteer.”

“I didn’t ask.” Ember threw him a look before heading to the gate with Levrin. Obviously amused, Aaron joined them.

The gate wasn’t locked and slid open without a sound. Ember produced her sword and Levrin his ax as they stepped through the grass into the start of the maze. Ember chose to go left.

The high stone walls were covered in mossy vines, some with flowers, some with thorns. They kept to the center of the path, ever alert of their surroundings, Ember choosing the way as they reached each corner. They were starting to relax a little when they reached the first dead end. Ember pushed a hand through the mossy wall, but it was stone and firm.

“We’ll have to turn back and go the other way. We should mark our path somehow so we don’t go around in circles,” she said, turning her back on the wall to talk to the men.

Aaron nodded in agreement. “We could be in here all day if that happens. We can mark the stone where we’ve been. Maybe cut off some of the vines.”

Ember agreed and had just taken a step when the vines behind her reached out and grabbed her arm. –The Wind of Chicanery

Oh, my! I wonder what’s going to happen next!

If you want more information on this book and a chance to win a copy of one of my works, don’t miss the cyber convention in April! Happy reading everyone!

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