Quirky Questions with India Emerald

Bad Candy by [Emerald, India]

I asked some quirky questions of author India Emerald! Check out Bad Candy here: getbook.at/BadCandy

and follow India here:

So, India, what cd is in your cd-player right now, or what song did you listen to last?

I watched Sing Meinen Song last night, so a cover of Wir Sind Helden’s “Guten Tag” sung by Rea Garvey. I love the show for so many reasons! You get to hear new interpretations of existing songs and it has two of my favourite artists this year- Rea Garvey and Mark Forster. Rea Garvey is a personal inspiration because he’s an Irishman who’s made Germany his home (I moved here from the UK almost three years ago). He sings in English but I love hearing him speak German with a wonky accent like mine (mine’s not Irish though, more Midlands).
This week he sang in German with a super fast song, he slowed down it a little but I was in awe!

I like the sound of that! Now, it’s time for a board game! Which is your favorite?

I love Ticket to Ride: Nordic Adventures but my husband broke the game (it’s what he does lol). He found a strategy that wins every time. Carcassonne is a classic we return to regularly. Another advantage of living in Germany is our local charity shop has loads of Hans im Gluck board games really cheap 😀

I hope that one doesn’t get broken! What is your favorite potato chip flavor?

Salt and Vinegar, but the vinegar has to be cheek-stinging strong! I need to wince when I’m eating them 😀 We have these weird peanut flavoured things over here, they’re like Nutty Wotsits (for those of you in the UK) I’m not sure what Americans call Maize Puffs. The idea of them sounds horrid, but once you start eating them you’re compelled to polish off the whole bag.

I love salt and vinegar, too! From taste to smell–what is your favorite flower?

Sweet Peas. They smell divine and the more you pick them, the more they bloom. I have a toddler who likes to pick my flowers though 😦 This year, we’ve planted Strawberries, Radishes, and Carrots so far, it’s a joint project with the Flower Slayer in an attempt to curb the habit 😀

Good luck with the Flower Slayer! Do you have a nickname? If not, give yourself one now!

GeekPetite. My friend Karen gave me that one! I loved it so much I adopted it as my Gamertag.

All that gaming may make you thirsty! What is your favorite drink?

Non-alcoholic would be Coffee (or writers’ elixir as I like to think of it). I also share a penchant for White Russians with Bootz from Bad Candy. In order to write the sequel, I’m becoming a “method writer” so I need to get to a section featuring the talking cat asap.

That should make for some entertaining writing! Now let’s ponder this: Would you go out in space if given the opportunity?

If it was safe and my family went as well, I might. It would depend on the quality of life out there, space-faring at the moment isn’t as exciting as you’d think. Plus, having done research for a flash fiction, I don’t fancy living on Algae-based meals long term. Now give me the chance to live in Charmnia with its Double Cream River and I’d have a bar stool right next to Bootz!

That sounds amazing! Thank you, India, for helping us get to know you better! Be sure to check out India’s work and support this author by reviewing it if you do! Be sure to check out Quirky Questions next Friday to meet a new author!

Happy reading! 🙂


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