Quirky Questions with Marlene Cheng

Our Precious Bond by [Cheng, Marlene]

I asked some quirky questions of Marlene Cheng! But first, check out the book: https://amazon.com/author/marlenecheng

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So let’s get to know Marlene! First of all, what is your weirdest scar and how did you get it?

In my pup tent, in the middle of Africa, in the dark of night, I was visited by a hairy spider – a tarantula, the nocturnal predator. It took an extremely painful bite out of my leg. Its venom is weaker than from a typical bee sting, but because I react strongly to bee stings, I didn’t take any chances and downed anti-histamines. None-the-less, the site swelled and produced a large welt. It took months to heal, and still after thirty years, I have its scar. A reminder of my wonderful African travels.

Ahh!! Spiders! You are a brave person! Let’s move on…What bizarre talent do you have?

If I don’t control myself, I see auras, and have an over active sense of what’s going on in people’s lives. It’s intrusive, it can be embarrassing, and it serves no purpose.

Interesting! So that makes me ask: What’s the closest thing to real magic?

Serendipity – fortuitous things happen as if by magic, and synchronicity – it’s proof positive that there is magical energy at work.

I like that answer! Now, what’s the latest book you’ve read that brought you to tears?

Rosewater by Maziar Bahari, the journalist that was put in prison in Iran. I felt the hopelessness and the helplessness of the youth who were trying to protest peacefully against a totalitarian government and were brutally attacked. It gave me a new sense of what the word “free” really means.

Thank you for sharing! What’s been your favorite age? 

Life has got better, every step of the way, and the best age is right now. I’ve even been privileged to have gone through my swampland and to have learned from the experience. I’m 80, and at this age, I have a strong sense of personal freedom to follow my passions which give my life a sense of purpose and meaning.

How wonderful! Let’s end with your favorite quote!

“ …. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more.” 

-From Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Thank you, Marlene, for sharing with us! Be sure to support Marlene on social media and come back next Friday for another round of Quirky Questions!!

Happy reading! 🙂



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