Quirky Questions with Timothy Bateson

Under A Hunter's Moon: Shadows Over Seattle: Prequels One by [Bateson, Timothy]

I asked some quirky questions of Timothy Bateson! But first, the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CS1SQ8T

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Now, let me ask:

So, Timothy, how did you meet your best friend?

My wife and I met online through a mutual friend. Sandi was living in Alaska, I was living in London, and our mutual friend was in Wales.

One night our friend and I were chatting online, and she was also talking to Sandi at the same time. We’d been talking for a while when our friend decided she needed to use the bathroom, so she introduced me and Sand in a shared chat.
The conversation went something like this… “Tim, this is Sandi. Sandi, this is Tim. You two talk to each other. I have to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back”

That was back in 2003, and Sandi and I hit it off immediately, but I was heading into a different relationship. But, we stayed in touch, and in late 2004 I came to Alaska to meet Sandi in person, and in 2005 I moved here, and we got married.

Since then Sandi has become not only my wife but my co-creator on the “Shadows Over Seattle” stories, the first person to read my work, and an invaluable supporter of my writing career.

What a lovely story! That makes me wonder: do you believe in love at first sight?

Very definitely. It’s happened to me a couple of times in my life, but my wife was someone I didn’t see for some time after we first met. However, when I came to Alaska for the first time, I knew what she looked like, but I had my doubts about a relationship at that distance. However, when I walked out through arrivals at the airport, there she was waiting to meet me… And that’s when I knew I’d have a hard time flying back to England because I didn’t know if I’d ever get back to Alaska.
Thankfully, Sandi and I were so in love by the end of that visit, that there was no question of me not coming back. Six months later we were getting married…

In this case, it was love at first online chat? Works for me! Let’s ponder this now: You can only have one kind of sandwich. What is it?

Marmite on toast… I always toast the bread, and then layer on a massively thick layer of Marmite, much to my wife’s dismay. 

It’s true what they say in the British advertising for Marmite – “Love it, or hate it” – I’ve never met anyone who fell anywhere in the middle on the subject.

I haven’t tried that one yet… Tell me now: movie or book?

This is a question that I used to always answer the same way: Book, without question…
Then “The Lord of the Rings” films came out, and I learned to appreciate the editing and restructuring of the story. I was finally able to get through sections of the books that almost made me put them down. However, there are very few films that I can say have been better than the books, or actually did them justice.
So, regardless of those few exceptions, I’m definitely going to pick books over movies.

I have to agree! Do you have a nickname?

I’ve had several over the years, but my wife loves to call me her ‘Kitty Moggy’. For those of you who don’t know Kitty and Moggy are both slang terms used for cats, and my wife swears I’m part cat. Apparently, I have some very feline habits.

I hope those feline habits don’t include purposely knocking objects off tables! Would you go out in space if given the opportunity?

Even though I’m not great with heights, roller coasters, flying or even brief weightlessness, I am so fascinated by space that I wouldn’t be able to resist the opportunity.
Ever since I first spent a night camping away from city lights, I’ve been enamored with the stars and looking upward. Knowing how much of the night sky can’t be seen under city lights gave me an appreciation for space. But, even when you’re away from the city lights, there’s still much that you can’t see, because of atmospheric interference…
So, would I take the opportunity to see things that can’t be seen from Earth’s surface? Try stopping me!

It would be a unique experience, that’s for sure! Please fill in the blank: Never trust a person who doesn’t like…

It might seem like a flippant answer from a writer, but books have been a passion of mine on so many levels. My dad was a teacher, my mum worked in the local library, and when I got my first job (at 14) I also went into library work. I wouldn’t have half the passion for learning that I have without parents who actively supported and encouraged my reading habits.

I couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Timothy, for answering my quirky questions! If you’d like to support Timothy, follow his social media and add his book to your shelf! Join us next Friday for another quirky author answering random questions!

Happy reading! 🙂

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