Quirky Questions with Leonora Meriel

The Unity Game by [Meriel, Leonora]

I asked quirky questions of Leonora Meriel! But first, the book: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072DWZBYC

And the links:

Twitter: @leonora_meriel



Now some questions!

Welcome, Leonora! What’s the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is expressing love in myriad different ways. This could be through novels, for writers; through relationships of all kinds; through art; through living kindly; through being happy in ourselves and sharing that happiness. That’s what it’s all about for me.

What a beautiful answer! Favorite age you’ve been so far?

I turned 40 this year and it’s the best age by far. I have knowledge and experience of life; I have full energy to pour into my career; I know myself well enough to do only the things I love all day every day. I’ve got enough money to balance working at jobs I love with hobbies and travel that I love. I’m fairly sure it’s going to keep getting better but it’s really great now.

A good age! What is your favorite smell?

Scotland. In particular Caol Ila malt whiskey; the sea on the Isle of Skye; Edinburgh on a bright morning. They are smells that contain deep joy and brimming sadness; eternity and immediacy; physical pleasure and cerebral peace.

Oh, I want to smell Scotland, too! Do you know what your name means? Or who were you named after?

I was named Leonora after the heroine of a Beethoven opera. It was an apt choice as Leonora is a fearless and passionate lover who dresses up as a prison guard to rescue her husband from a death sentence. I don’t like opera but I’ve always been pleased with my namesake.

A courageous name! Do you prefer the movie or the book?

The book! The book! The book! To date I have never allowed myself to watch a film before reading the book. Once you have seen a representation of the characters, it is impossible to forget them and come to the words with an open mind. In my opinion, there should be a box you have to tick before watching such a movie that confirms you have read the original text. 

That might get more people reading! Are you high or low maintenance?

I’m extremely high maintenance. I’m a very passionate person and I’m clear about the things I love and don’t love and the life I want to live. However, I’m also someone who gives an enormous amount, so a lot may be demanded, but even more given.

Give and receive! One last questions: Hunter or gatherer?

Hunter. I’m passionate, ambitious, determined and impatient, so that means going out and catching whatever I set my heart or mind on. I have some very big projects though, so the hunt can take many years, for example in achieving success as a writer or publishing several books.

Get out there and make your success! Thank you, Leonora, for answering my quirky questions! Support Leonora by buying, reading, and reviewing! We’ll be on the hunt for more quirky answers next Friday, right here!


Happy reading! 🙂


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