Quirky Questions with M. Ocampo McIvor

Ugly Things We Hide by [Ocampo McIvor, M.]    Ebook sale! 99 cents from 8/24 thru 8/31!!

I asked quirky questions of M. Ocampo McIvor! But first, check out the book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074YGZ24J

And follow this author on Twitter: @mocampomcivor

Now to some questions!

Welcome, M.! What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it? 

Forehead, above my left eyebrow. My little brother threw a fork at my face, then a butter knife, slicing my forehead open. I was five years old, he was three. (But I tell people I was in a gang fight as a teen, and not to mess with me 😉

Ouch! Your little brother must have some arm! Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

Skydiving! Closest thing to flying J

Good answer! What’s your favorite sound?

Rustling leaves in the summer breeze; I like to think the trees are singing.

I often think they sound like the ocean. What was the last movie or TV show that made you cry or tear up?

Moonlight (thoughtful & gut wrenching), and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America (tears of insane laughter, a must-watch!)

Tears of laughter are great! What was the last thing you ate?

Wild salmon, rice, spinach & kale, plus ice cream for dessert.

I’m very interested about the ice cream—I need more details on that. Are you on the dance floor or a wallflower?

On the dance floor… ALL NIGHT.

Stayin’ alive! And finally, unicorn or Pegasus?

Pegasus – the Superman of horses! I like unicorns too, but I’d rather not chase elusive magic.

And with Pegasus, you’re flying again! Thank you, M., for joining our quirky tour! Support M. by buying the book and following on Twitter. We’ll be sampling ice cream and answering more quirky questions right here, next Friday!

Happy reading! 🙂



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