Quirky Questions with Theresa Van Spankeren

I asked some quirky questions of Theresa! But first, the book: https://www.amazon.com/Pursuit-into-Darkness-Destiny-Book-ebook/dp/B017F6B6LI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536940592&sr=8-1&keywords=war+of+destiny+pursuit+into+darkness

And the social links:




Now to the questions!

Hello, Theresa! What is the hardest part about being an author?

The hardest part of being an author is that part no one tells you about. Marketing and getting word out about your work. I wished I had known or learned about some of those skills before I published my first book.

So many share your struggle! Hopefully Quirky Questions will help you out! Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

I had a terrible sweet tooth as a child, especially for chocolate. That has tamed somewhat over the years and I enjoy some foods that are a little more savory now. I have taken a liking to Mexican and Mostoccholi and have even started learning how to cook some of these things at home. (I’m not a cook. Never had any interest in cooking before, so that’s saying something.) I still like my chocolate though.

Never give up on chocolate! Do you know what your name means? Or who were you named after?

I was named after my grandmother. Apparently the meaning of “Theresa” is unknown but might be “Summer”or “Harvest.”

How beautiful! Do you have an irrational fear?

Hmm…yes. I have a fear of heights since I was very little. I have no idea where it came from so I guess that would make it irrational. I would say my fear of needles…but no, that’s perfectly rational. I’ve had that one since I was a baby. The Drs. said I wouldn’t remember all the needles, but they were wrong.

No tall buildings then! What’s your favorite sound?

The sound of the ocean or waterfalls. I love the sound of water.

I am with you on that one! What is one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Butcher’s Grave Peril: “We have now left Reason and Sanity Junction. Next stop, Looneyville.” I think its a pretty accurate quote nowadays.

Quirky Questions appreciates that quote! One last question: If you had to live without one of the five senses, which sense do you give up? 

I’ve given this a fair amount of thought and realized I cannot make a decision. As someone who has a hearing impairment and has recently been diagnosed with glaucoma that might someday rob me of my already poor sight (you should see the thickness of my glasses) I have come to understand how precious every one of our senses are. I might say smell…but can you imagine not smelling a super good dinner cooking or your favorite flower? Not smelling the sea salt in the air? I would say taste, but could you live without tasting your favorite food? In the end, we might not get the choice on which one fails us, so treasure them all while you can.

Beautifully said, Theresa! Thank you for giving us something to think about! And thank you for joining us here on Quirky Questions! Support Theresa on social media and help spread the word! We’ll be here next Friday with a new quirky interview!

Happy reading! 🙂


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