Quirky Questions with Mona Soorma

Unrequited: Poetry From The Hurting Heart by [Soorma, Mona]

I asked some quirky questions of Mona Soorma! But first, check out the works: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=manicsylph

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Twitter: @manicsylph

To the questions! Mona, what song are you listening to right now or what song did you listen to last?

Words by BeeGees. I listen to this often, it is one of my favourite songs and the lyrics say it all-          

It’s only words

And words are all I have

To take your heart away

Beautiful! Next, would you rather fly on a dragon or meet a mermaid?

A mermaid is what I would choose. I am a water baby. The sea, the pool, the rain, that’s what my favourite ways to spend a moment are. It would be interesting to know a beautiful mermaid with long hair and blue-green scales with eyes to match, and ask her what her favourite creatures on earth are. Perhaps she would invite me into her cave with a bed of seaweed and walls of multi-coloured corals.

Perhaps you already have met a mermaid…What’s the closest thing to real magic?

It’s love. The most beautiful emotion, whether it is romantic love or passionate, it can make the stars shine brighter and put a song in your heart, a smile on your lips and a rainbow in your skies. Even the love for your pet can make every moment so much sweeter. Most of my work has the theme of love running through it.

Even when love hurts, it’s a sweet ache and I am grateful for all the love that God has sent my way. It makes me live. It makes me write. It makes me who I am.

Well-said! So that raises the question: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Absolutely! Whatever the relationship, for me, it is always the first moments that tell me whether we click together or we don’t. Even for online friends, it is the first contact that sets the tone, and I have never had a reason to doubt my intuition on this. Liking someone can come with time, but the sparks of love…they are either there or not.

Follow your heart, your intuition! Do you prefer the movie or the book?

The book. I think a book leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader, who interprets every scene and story according to his/her own sensibility and that makes it more interactive. Also, the book and its meaning for us changes as we evolve, but the movie is an interpretation of the director. There’s not much space to think or to give a face and a voice to each character, and place.

I agree! Would you go out in space if given the opportunity?

In a minute! As long as my kids and dog can go with me. I don’t believe in making my life easier, do I? But to swim through endless galaxies, and land on remote asteroids just for fun…beats going to the mall, anytime.

Galactic mermaids! It’s a thing… Finally, which season defines you?

Summer. Sunshine, blue skies, cool seas, summer rain…I just love the summer. And I imagine myself as all of these. The idyllic pleasures of summer…that’s me.

Yes it is! Thank you so much, Mona, for answering my quirky questions! If you enjoyed these answers, support Mona on social media and read the books! We’ll be here next Friday, swimming with the space mermaids and answering more quirky questions!

Happy reading! 🙂



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