Quirky Questions with Michelle Wright

I asked some quirky questions of Michelle Wright! But first, the book: https://www.amazon.com/Audreys-Magic-Nine-Pencil-Fuzzy/dp/0984214356/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

And a link:

https://www.goodreads.com/ author/show/17623954.Michelle_ Wright?from_search=true

Now let’s have some fun!

Let’s get personal! What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

Well, I have two weird scars. The first is on my left shin from a bicycle accident as an adolescent. I grew up on the flat plains of West Texas and was not accustomed to negotiating hills on a bike. Then I visited a friend in Albuquerque–where there are some hills–and we went bike riding, and of course, I don’t really need to say it, but mayhem ensued. I didn’t just fall, though, I rolled down the hill and hit the front tire of a parked car with my head. Of course, it HAD to be my head. Everyone was horrified because I was scratched and bleeding all over, but I was deeply embarrassed. I had to fight an instinct to run VERY quickly from the scene and lick my wounds, which with time, faded except for the one on my shin. It’s been there a LONG time now.

And the other scar? Well, I was scarred by bad mayo on a tuna fish sandwich. Now, I cannot stand the taste, the smell, or the sight of it, and I even hate acknowledging those giant bottles and vats of it at restaurants. But the worst thing is eating with someone who likes mayo. I don’t discriminate, but it is very difficult to abide the opening of a mayo packet when bubbling mayo juice plops onto a lunch companion’s plate. 

Hold the mayo! What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

I would like be an amazon and hike the entire Appalachian Trail by myself, sneering at bears and snakes and the other hikers who must travel in packs for safety. As I write this segment, I momentarily envision myself in a Rosie-the-Riveter-style pose, the sleeve of my flannel outdoor shirt rolled back to reveal my muscle, but then the image is marred by the facts that I don’t have muscles in my arms and that I am just…strange. I have to remind myself that I wouldn’t just attract a bear native to that part of America. No, I would somehow encounter a grizzly from the other side of the continent, protecting a rare triplet of cubs at the exact same moment that I stepped on a cobra, coincidentally also enjoying time outside of its natural ecosystem.

You and I have the same outdoor skills! What is your favorite smell?

I love the smell right before a thunder storm when the scents of ozone and rain combine, and the wind whisks the fragrance through my hair. 

One of my favorites, too! What’s your favorite sound?

My favorite sound is the noise my dog makes when she snores. Her snore is loud and cute and tolerable in the way it wouldn’t be if the noise emanated from a human being. I don’t even mind her snoring when she sleeps on my head. It is strangely comforting. 

But can you sleep with a snoring dog on your head? Lack of sleep leads me to ask: what’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

Every day in the kitchen is a screw up!

Someone get the take-out menus! In conclusion, what was the last movie, TV show, or book that made you cry or tear up?

SPOILER WARNING! I LOVE a Canadian movie called St. Ralph. In the film, the fourteen-year-old protagonist believes that his mother will come out of a coma if he wins the Boston marathon. He holds his own with world class athletes for the entirety of the race, only to place second right at the finish line. He is so upset that he doesn’t realize that he accomplished something truly amazing. And even though his mom doesn’t wake up after the marathon, she does when he announces–with true confidence–that he will train for the Olympics. This film gets me every time.  

Just reading that got me emotional! Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to answer my quirky questions! Support Michelle by buying her book and checking out her social media! We will be mayo-free until next Friday when we introduce another quirky author!

Happy reading! 🙂

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