The Purple Door District by [Casey, Erin]

I asked the questions that matter of Erin Casey! Here is a link: https://www.erincasey.org/

Hello, Erin! What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

I once had a battle with an Easy Bake Oven and lost. I was making a chocolate cake, and I misplaced the little stick that you push through the machine. In a brilliant move, I tipped the oven to the right to slide the cake out onto a hand towel. Only, the towel wasn’t completely covering my hand. A scalding hot tin ended up on my pointer finger. I flung my hand and sent the cake soaring across the real stove and made it stick against the side. I ended up getting a 3rd degree burn. Oh, and I almost sliced my finger off opening a green-bean can. I think I just shouldn’t cook.

Perhaps not! Order in! What is your favorite smell?

Quick answer? Lavender. Long answer? There used to be a popcorn and candy shop in the mall where I grew up. The walls were lined with colorful candies, decorative tins, and rainbow popcorn. The shop also sold Beanie Babies, and believe me, I was very much into the Beanie Baby craze when I was a kid. I loved the smell of that store. It made me feel happy, safe, and excited, like big things were going to happen. I’ve only smelled something like that once since, and I was filled with such a sense of nostalgia, I almost cried.

That sounds like a magical place! What animal-person are you?

Bird. I have seven birds (one is currently leaning against my hand while I answer this). I have a green cheek turquoise conure named Orion, a sun conure named Aladdin, three doves named Luna, Apollo, and Nova, and two itty bitty zebra finches named Zeus and Venus. I’m also a cat person, but cats and birds don’t exactly mix.

Aww, three doves? We should be friends! When was the last time you got the giggles at an inappropriate time?

While I was watching the last Harry Potter in the theater and Harry “died.” I was with my dad and friend, and my father…well, something he ate didn’t agree with him. He shifted, and it was like a cloud from the bog of stench smacked me and my friend in the face. She literally leaned over her chair gagging, and my dad and I could not stop laughing. I remember hissing at him between giggles, “Harry’s dying on screen here. Be serious.” Yeah, that didn’t work.

Accio gas masks! Lol! What superpower would you like to have for a day?

Teleportation. I’d love to be able to shift and see my family, or actually go across seas and visit the castles in Wales, or go to Rome, Paris, Greece…basically anywhere outside of the United States.

Or to that mall with the candy shop! On a scale from 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?

You know, I’m probably about a 2. I’m not really afraid of the dark. I’m more afraid of when I sleep walk and I face plant my bedroom door. I have the bad habit of getting lost in my room in the dark when I’m half awake. It’s actually pretty funny. Also, I’m a scaredy cat. I can frighten myself with my own shadow. I once put up Halloween decorations in my house that freaked me out so much, I didn’t want to go into the living room at night. One of the decorations fell while I was trying to go to sleep and I just pulled my blanket over my head because I was too scared to go out there, hah. So basically, I think I scare myself more than the dark scares me!

I probably would have done the same! What would you tell your younger self?

You’re going to make me go deep, aren’t you? (Yes, yes I am!)

You’re enough. No matter what anyone says to you or how they treat you, you are enough. You are worthy, and you deserve to be loved. Be true to who you are and find joy in the little things. You don’t have to be a perfectionist for people to care about you. 

Listen to that advice, readers! Thank you, Erin, for sharing those deep feelings! Make friends with your local birds and continue on with us on our quirky tour!

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