Questions that Matter with Brad Robertson

Fifty Poems and the Kitchen Sink by [Robertson, Brad]

I asked the questions that matter of Brad Robertson! But first, the book:

Now, we ask:

Let’s get personal! Do you sing in the shower?

Who doesn’t? Also, it’s important that it always be the catchiest, most annoying song on the radio that you pretend to hate around your friends. That’s obligatory.

Sing loud, sing proud! Are you usually early, late, or on time?

So early that it’s embarrassing. I have a crippling fear of being late to things, so I start driving way, way before I need to. I’ve spent more time standing around like an idiot than I care to admit because of that.

You just did admit it, and that’s okay! Do you like bacon salty or sweet?

Sweet. As close to candy as you can get without ruining the meat. If I can’t feel myself getting older and fatter with every bite, then it’s still not sweet enough.

Delicious! What would you name your pet gorilla?

Bubbles, obviously.

Obviously! Cook in or eat out?

Eat out whenever possible. Might not save on money or calories, but you don’t have to cook, clean the table, or replace the groceries you used. I’m five kinds of lazy so I’m a huge fan of eating out.

I love it! Flash me! Write us a flash fiction story, no more than 50 words please!

She turned her back to him, her eyes drained of their usual glimmer. He stood still as a statue. She whispered something, weakly. He collapsed to his knees. Then it was over. She was gone, and the severed wings in his hands crumbled away, like sawdust.

Ooo, I want to know more! Which season defines you?

Autumn. The way it falls apart, but is made more beautiful by it. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the crisp, cold air all feels like home to me.

Oh, wow! That’s the best description of autumn I’ve heard! Thank you, Brad, for sharing with us! Support Brad by checking out the links! Then, come back next Friday for some sweet, sweet bacon and another author!

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Questions that Matter with Joseph Carrabis

I asked the questions that matter of Joseph Carrabis! But first, the book:

Now the questions!

Welcome, welcome! We shall start with: How did you meet your best friend? (Animals count here!)

I asked to borrow her typewriter so I could finish a term paper (indicates how long ago it was). Susan (wife/partner/Princess) and I were in a German class together in college. My typewriter died and I needed to finish a paper for English. To thank her, I asked if she’d like to go see a college production of Pippen. It was the snowiest night of the year (anybody remember the New England Blizzard of ‘78)? For who knows what reason we decided to go for a drive to the ocean (about twenty miles away). I had an Opel GT (think “mini-Corvette”) and managed to skid it off the road attempting to turn back. I asked if she was okay, she was, and said to hang on, I’d get us back to her apartment. I did and asked if she’d like to go to dinner sometime. Foolishly, she said yes. We’ve been together 41 years.

She was moved by your bravery! What is your most bizarre talent?

Had to ask Susan this one as I self-describe as “dulling and bore” hence, by definition, I can’t have a bizarre talent, let alone one that stands out as most bizarre among several bizarre talents.
Susan offered “directionality.” I seem to be one of those people, who like migratory species, has a magnetic sense. I’ve always had it. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that science caught up and said, “Oh, how ‘bout that. It seems some people also have a magnetic sense.”
Example: We often go for drives to no place in particular, just to get out. Doesn’t matter how far we travel or what backroads we’re on, when it’s time to start back I’ll know which way to go, which roads to take, how far to go on those roads, et cetera.
Personally, I think this ability stems from one of my first for-real jobs as an interstate trucker long before there were mobile phones and GPS. Might also stem from all the years I spent hiking and hitchhiking. However I acquired it, I’m happy to have it.

One of my awesome talents is getting lost! We would make a great team! Tell us something you’ve never told anyone else.

I have seventeen toes at the ends of each of my fingers.

*Is left speechless* If you were in a circus, what would your job be?

Bearded lady. I already have the beard so I’m halfway there.

I would think your toe-fingers would get you a job. Favorite drink?

A good, well aged, single-malt Scotch. One of my teachers, Calum, taught me how to enjoy Scotch. I’ve been grateful ever since.

I’ll drink to that! Describe your best pair of socks.

Susan is an amazing and gifted knitter. I benefit as much from her successful experiments as anyone. Once she had two skeins of yarn leftover from two different projects. I asked her to make me a pair of socks, one sock from one skein, the other sock from the other skein. These skeins were multicolored, one predominantly blues, the other predominantly reds.
I’ll wear these socks when I’m onstage, teaching, giving presentations, whenever I have to stand up in front of people, basically. For one thing, I know I’m wrapped in Susan’s love by the feel of the socks.
But another thing is that sometimes people will whisper to me that I’m wearing different color socks. Sometimes it’s not a whisper.
My response is always the same and is completely accurate; “They’re not mismatched. It’s the same information presented at different frequencies.”

When it’s made with love, it’s never mismatched! Now, flash me! Write me a flash fiction story, no more than 50 words, please!

They past us, silent, mourning, forgiving our stupidity. Our children’s future, gone. The right to decide their own fates, gone. We built the pyramids. Didn’t we have the right to climb them?
We defended ourselves. “Quantum Entropy! To observe is the change!”
The last, fading, asked, “What did you see?”

I love it! Thank you, Joseph, for giving us a glimpse into your mind! Support Joseph by checking out the new book! Then join me next Friday to show me your toe-fingers and read another interview!

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Questions that Matter with Pat Spencer

I asked the questions that matter of Pat Spencer! But first, the book:

And now…

Welcome, Pat! Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?

Shark diving in the Bahamas. Our guide threw out a bucket of dead bloody fish and the sharks came. He told us to stay on the surface and hold fairly still, no flopping around. Most importantly, our guide said, “When I say to get out, do it now!” As we marveled at the sharks below, a bloom of small brown thimble jellyfish floated around us. Guess what? I didn’t get bit by a shark, but those jellyfish, they sting! Our guide said not to worry, the itch would only last a few days. His assistant pointed to brown circular scars (looked a lot like ringworm) that covered his arms, legs, and chest and said, “See, mine don’t itch anymore.”

Oh, my! Don’t touch the jellyfish! What superpower would you like to have for a day?

The power to talk to God. I have a question. I understand that God helps those who help themselves. But who helps those who can’t help themselves? Wo/man is not doing a decent job of this, so shouldn’t s/he be doing it?

What an interesting concept! Do you prefer the movie or the book?

I prefer the book, but I like to read the book first then see the movie. I enjoy comparing and knowing things from the book that were left out of the movie. 

So do I! Are you on the dance floor or a wallflower?

In all things, dance like nobody is watching.

The best advice ever! Do you believe in aliens?

Oh, my yes. How can one not believe? Within the googolplexian of square feet in space, I can’t imagine we are the only ones.

That’s a lot of space to fill! Would you rather fly on a dragon or meet a mermaid?

Fly on a dragon. Even though I live at the beach, snorkel, paddleboard, and kayak, I am not much of a swimmer. I’m more of a sinker. Would like to feel the wind in my face, my hair blowing back, as my dragon dives and swirls to show me the world from up so high I can’t see all the trash left by humans.

Someday if you find yourself sinking, maybe a mermaid will save you! What’s the most marvelous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes?

I am fortunate to have seen many marvelous things. As any parent, far and above is the first time I looked into the eyes of my newborn son and then years later, his daughter.

In nature, I have seen two most marvelous things. First is the Aura Borealis in Newfoundland, Canada. (Yes, I lived there for 2 ½ years). Most photos show the auras as shades of green and blue. Photos don’t do it justice. The one I witnessed was a wonderful cosmic blend of purples and blues with only touches of green. But its movement is what makes it profound. If spirits do rise above the earth, I am positive the Aura Borealis is them, arms linked as good friends, soaring overhead.

The second most marvelous thing appeared on a safari in South Africa. We stopped to watch a small group of elephants with a single calf standing at the side of a dirt path. As we waited to give them the right-a-way to walk in whichever direction they chose, we spotted two giraffes peeking out over the top of a tree. We whispered, “How can nature watching get any better than this?” Then three lions slipped out of the bush and walked in front of our jeep. They ignored us, the giraffes, and the elephants. They were on their way to the watering hole. Absolutely marvelous.

What an experience! Thank you, Pat, for giving us this experience! Support Pat by following the links below! Then, we’ll close our eyes so you can dance on over to our next interview, next Friday!

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The book:

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Questions that Matter with David Russell

I asked the questions that matter of David Russell! But first, the book:

Now the questions!

Hi, David! Let’s start with a good one: Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Tell us about them! ​

A lovely person on a chat line. We never met, so lots was left to the imagination.

Oh, the possibilities! Which is your favorite way to dance: with others or alone?

On my own; I am very clumsy, and I cannot embarrass anyone if/when I dance on my own.

Always dance like no one is watching! Are you high or low maintenance?

Low maintenance.

Very good! Do you eat broccoli stems or just the floret?

​Definitely eat the stems, for fiber and vitamin.

Good advice! Which Beatles song describes you?

Paperback Writer. I am an aspiring writer and that’s every aspiring writer’s anthem.

I think you’re right about that! Would you rather fly on a dragon or meet a mermaid? ​

​Meet a mermaid; the prospect is more alluring​.

Depends on the kind of mermaid, I suppose…What would you tell your younger self?​

Be alert to possible mistakes; do not flinch from making vital decisions.

Great advice! Thank you, David, for answering these very important questions! Support David by following the link below! Then sing our anthem while reading another important interview next Friday!

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