Questions that Matter with Pat Spencer

I asked the questions that matter of Pat Spencer! But first, the book:

And now…

Welcome, Pat! Shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?

Shark diving in the Bahamas. Our guide threw out a bucket of dead bloody fish and the sharks came. He told us to stay on the surface and hold fairly still, no flopping around. Most importantly, our guide said, “When I say to get out, do it now!” As we marveled at the sharks below, a bloom of small brown thimble jellyfish floated around us. Guess what? I didn’t get bit by a shark, but those jellyfish, they sting! Our guide said not to worry, the itch would only last a few days. His assistant pointed to brown circular scars (looked a lot like ringworm) that covered his arms, legs, and chest and said, “See, mine don’t itch anymore.”

Oh, my! Don’t touch the jellyfish! What superpower would you like to have for a day?

The power to talk to God. I have a question. I understand that God helps those who help themselves. But who helps those who can’t help themselves? Wo/man is not doing a decent job of this, so shouldn’t s/he be doing it?

What an interesting concept! Do you prefer the movie or the book?

I prefer the book, but I like to read the book first then see the movie. I enjoy comparing and knowing things from the book that were left out of the movie. 

So do I! Are you on the dance floor or a wallflower?

In all things, dance like nobody is watching.

The best advice ever! Do you believe in aliens?

Oh, my yes. How can one not believe? Within the googolplexian of square feet in space, I can’t imagine we are the only ones.

That’s a lot of space to fill! Would you rather fly on a dragon or meet a mermaid?

Fly on a dragon. Even though I live at the beach, snorkel, paddleboard, and kayak, I am not much of a swimmer. I’m more of a sinker. Would like to feel the wind in my face, my hair blowing back, as my dragon dives and swirls to show me the world from up so high I can’t see all the trash left by humans.

Someday if you find yourself sinking, maybe a mermaid will save you! What’s the most marvelous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes?

I am fortunate to have seen many marvelous things. As any parent, far and above is the first time I looked into the eyes of my newborn son and then years later, his daughter.

In nature, I have seen two most marvelous things. First is the Aura Borealis in Newfoundland, Canada. (Yes, I lived there for 2 ½ years). Most photos show the auras as shades of green and blue. Photos don’t do it justice. The one I witnessed was a wonderful cosmic blend of purples and blues with only touches of green. But its movement is what makes it profound. If spirits do rise above the earth, I am positive the Aura Borealis is them, arms linked as good friends, soaring overhead.

The second most marvelous thing appeared on a safari in South Africa. We stopped to watch a small group of elephants with a single calf standing at the side of a dirt path. As we waited to give them the right-a-way to walk in whichever direction they chose, we spotted two giraffes peeking out over the top of a tree. We whispered, “How can nature watching get any better than this?” Then three lions slipped out of the bush and walked in front of our jeep. They ignored us, the giraffes, and the elephants. They were on their way to the watering hole. Absolutely marvelous.

What an experience! Thank you, Pat, for giving us this experience! Support Pat by following the links below! Then, we’ll close our eyes so you can dance on over to our next interview, next Friday!

Twitter: @PatSpen57944605

The book:

Happy reading! 🙂

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