Questions that Matter with Bob Whitely

The Shadow Reaper: A Blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror by [Whitely, Bob]

I asked the questions that matter of Bob Whitely! But first, the book:

And now some fun!

Bob, come on down! Name the top five things you take with you during a zombie outbreak.

Every time there’s been a zombie outbreak in my neighborhood, I’ve rushed the family over to my buddy’s house, because he’s the one with all the guns! As for what top five things I take along, that’s easy: the biggest knife in my kitchen, the industrial stapler I bought to ship my novels (makes a surprisingly good hammer), my iPhone, a supreme pizza (I’d prefer Papa John’s, but I’m not that picky during an outbreak), and of course my truck! These five things have never failed me in the past!

What neighborhood do you live in?!! You’re in my zombie squad, so long as you bring the pizza! Time for a board game! Which is your favorite?

Another easy question! I’d pick Freeze Or Burn hands down! Okay, that was cheating, sort of. See, I’m also a game designer, and Freeze Or Burn is one of my board games set in my Toonaria universe. It was inspired by another board game I invented decades ago and I’m just really, really loving it so far. The fact that Freeze Or Burn isn’t on the market yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t my favorite! If I had to pick one that I didn’t invent, it would probably be The Awful Green Things From Outer Space, because it is the game that made me fall in love with board games and inspired me to keep pursuing game design. It’s also silly and a heck of a lot of fun!

How fun! Do you prefer the movie or the book?

I far prefer the book, but if I somehow end up seeing the movie first, I have a really hard time getting myself to read the book. I am not a fast reader—I tend to mull over the words and scenes too long—and I’m so productivity minded that I have a hard time reading a book after I’ve seen the movie. The reverse isn’t true. I can watch a movie while doing something else, so if I enjoyed the book, I’d probably still watch the movie.

Book first, I always say! What is your motto?

Think. Pray. Act. Life is a roller coaster, so expect some hard turns. Along the way, help as many people as you can. Invest in your family over your career and remember that every day’s a gift!

Here, here! Are you on the dance floor or a wallflower?

I have bounced between being extroverted and introverted, but the vast majority of my life I’ve been very shy. Only rarely have I ventured out onto the dance floor (pretty much only at weddings.) That said, I really enjoy dancing and do so at home, usually when I think I’m alone. I crank the music up and dance up a storm—I’m pretty good, too, I think! I danced briefly in a couple plays I wrote and performed (acting is another passion of mine). Something about pretending to be someone else, makes it easier for me to do things on stage that I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable with. Hence 18 years of performing on stage without freaking out.

Dance like no one is watching, always! Would you go out in space if given the opportunity?

Probably not. Space is big, mostly empty, and too quiet. It’s almost depressing. Don’t get me wrong, I love science fiction, Star Wars—all that, but we can’t see the true beauty of space with the naked eye. Those gorgeous space photos that are floating around? They’ve been doctored, not to trick us, but because the naked eye can’t see much out there. The images are significantly altered for us to enjoy. Further, I had a bad experience diving once, and the thought of relying on gear to stay alive isn’t appealing to me. If I experienced space without the gear, well then there’d be no more me, so yeah, I’ll keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. Besides, the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen – my children exploring the world and their own creativity, my amazing wife smiling at me, a cloudy sky, a lush landscape—that’s the good stuff, and none of it is out in space.

I agree! I prefer to stay on the planet! The Hunger Games just started! Do you fight for supplies or do you run for it?

I would make a run for it and hope for the best. I’m not a quitter, but I’d never hurt anyone except for self-defense. I would try hard to get supplies whenever I could, and if I thought I could trust another contestant, I’d team up with them and try to keep us alive. I’d risk my neck for them while looking for ways to escape, but only fight when I had to.

Stay alive! Thank you, Bob, for sharing your wisdom! Support Bob by checking out the links! We’ll be here next Friday (with pizza!) and another new author!

Twitter: @QTGames

Happy reading! 🙂

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