Questions that Matter with Eli Steele

Blood and Iron: Part One by [Steele, Eli]

I asked the questions that matter of Eli Steele! But first, the book:

Now we ask:

Welcome to our party, Eli! What is the hardest part of being an author?

Absolutely marketing. Writing is a release for me, and I love to see a story unfold or take a turn that I didn’t expect (I’m a pantster, meaning I don’t plot out my stories that much). Getting to know my characters is exciting, but getting out there and hawking the story? Not so much…

We are with you on that one! Name the top five things you take with you during a zombie outbreak.

Ruger, Knife, Lighter, Kid, Wife 😉

I always figure the kids play enough video games they should be naturals at that…What was the last movie, TV show, or book that made you cry or tear up?

The trailer for the upcoming Mr. Rogers movie. Totally teared up. He was such a genuinely caring person.

Tom Hanks can play just about anyone and make me tear up! What is your motto?

Keep smiling and they’ll never see you coming…

Love it! What would you tell your younger self?

Just be kind to people. Don’t be so quick to react.

We all need to calm down! What’s the most marvelous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes?

The first time I saw our son, hands down.

Miracles, all of them! Coffee or tea? Iced or hot?

Cold-brewed, on ice, with a splash of sparkling water. Trust me, try it.

That is a new one, definitely, but we’ll take your advice! Thank you, Eli, for joining us today! Support Eli by checking out the links below! Then smile wide and read another interview next Friday!

Twitter: @EliSteele17

Happy reading! 🙂

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