Questions that Matter with Brenda McDaniel

I asked the questions that matter of Brenda McDaniel! But first, the book:

And now…we ask:

Good day, Brenda! How did you meet your best friend?

Well I consider my best friend, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I met him when I was a child and gave my life to him at age 10. This is when I truly began to understand his sacrifice to save the world and felt his personal presence in my life! He gave me clarity of purpose, clear morals, peace and acceptance of myself and others!

A divine answer! What’s the meaning of life?

To me, the meaning of life is doing God’s will in my life and following his commandments. And reaching out to others, so they can find true meaning in life, peace, purpose and live a life worth living by helping others!

We should all strive to live like that! What would you want written on your tombstone?

I think on my tombstone I would want “A child of God, who lived a life worth living.”

#blessed! What’s your favorite word?

My favorite word is LOVE! God’s love, parents love, family love, spouse’s love, love for others, love of animals, nature and God’s miraculous creations!

Agape love for all! What’s your biggest screwup in the kitchen?

When I was in my twenties, I loved fudge! My mom and brother cooked delicious fudge! So I decided to cook some myself. So I added milk and dark chocolate and it began to bubble. So I added the butter, but the one thing I didn’t need was to add cornstarch. The fudge wasn’t thick enough so I added it for thicker fudge. Once it thickened I took it off the stove. And buttered the plates, when I picked up the pan the fudge had turned to cement!  I couldn’t get it loose with a knife, hot water, dish soap, nothing worked. So I threw the pan away. And I was teased for years about my cement fudge!

Better than on-fire-and-burning-the-house-down fudge! What is one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is- “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son and that whosoever believeth in him, shall have everlasting life!!

Hallelujah! If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?

 If I could witness any event, it would be the Second coming of Christ!! When he returns to gather his people and take them to Heaven! And finally destroy the Devil’s hold on this Earth and its people!

What an event! Thank you, Brenda, for this spiritual conversation! Support Brenda by checking out the links below. Then, sample some fudge, call your dentist, and join us next Friday for another quirky author!

Happy reading! 🙂

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