Questions that Matter with Sandeep Jayaram

CHICKEN: The night is short. The nightmare isn't. by [Sandeep Jayaram]

I asked the questions that matter of Sandeep Jayaram! But first, the book:

Now, we ask:

Welcome, Sandeep! What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

Inch-wide scar on my forehead on account of being tossed by a cow.
Setting? Childhood. Summer vacations. Ancestral village.
Our cow, Mahalaxmi, had given birth to a calf, Gauri, a few weeks ago. Gauri was pretty friendly and I would take every chance to hug her. Though seemingly unaffected–at least that’s what I thought–her mother ended up butting me. Result? I took a small flight and landed a few metres away. The scar still remains. Evidence that cows are gun molls dressed up in leather.

That’s a moo-ving story! (Sorry) Next question! What’s your biggest screw-up in the kitchen?

Meat on the ceiling.
Setting? Teenage. At home. Following mom’s instructions.
This resident male had, on that fateful day, been entrusted with the rather simple task of cooking the dog’s food. Of course, mom hadn’t factored in the cricket match on TV. Completely immersed in the game, I ignored the whistling sound assuming it was from the spectators at the stadium.
Result? During the lunch break, I sauntered into the kitchen to find chunks of meat dropping off from the ceiling. The pressure cooker had blown up.

That story was a blast! (I really am sorry!) What’s the color of your toothbrush?

White with a red band.
Setting? Bathroom. Maid in the house. My first battery-operated toothbrush. While the colour of the toothbrush doesn’t really have a significant role to play, ‘your toothbrush’ does set off memories. I was in complete panic because the batteries in my toothbrush had failed. The maid saw me flapping about and asked what the matter was. I told her, irritated with her interference. Her response was to use the toothbrush the way normal people do.
Result: Face as red as the red band on the electric toothbrush.

A brush with embarrassment! (I’ll stop…) What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

Releasing soon.

Haha, it’s perfect! (See? I stopped) What is your favorite smell?

Halston Z 14.
Setting? Days before the mobile phone. Pleasantly ticking over in nervousness. Visiting a girl.
I was on my way to her apartment. It was on the first floor of a building, overlooking the parking spaces. She was ultrafabulous but I could never bring myself to become a title contender. That fateful day, she opened the door a full ten seconds before my finger reached for the bell. Surprised, I asked how she knew I’d come. I could smell you, she said. I went, Bad? She shook her head and her hair cascaded around her like in that poem, The Highwayman.
Result? Sometimes fragrances do what words can’t.

An interesting way to start a date! When was the last time you got the giggles at an inappropriate time?

At a funeral.
Setting? A few years ago. Body laid out for last respects. Mourners around.
My intention was to head out for a drink with a friend. Coming down the steps from his apartment, we found out one of his neighbour’s had passed away. As he felt it was only right to go in and offer his condolences, he asked me to join him. At about this time, a really fat mourner was attempting to bend over to touch the feet of the dear departed. This is a Hindu thing. Anyway, the man was clearly struggling. There appeared to be some invisible force that held him back from achieving his goal. In a second, all guesswork ceased as the seat of his pants tore wide open with a sound resembling the mating call of a velociraptor. I burst out laughing.
Result? Swift and firm ejection from said premises.

Oh, my! Sometimes the laughs just burst out like a sneeze! What is one of your favorite quotes?

Well, it’s my own. Casual text can lead to a pun in the oven.

Sound advice! Thank you, Sandeep, for making us smile today! Support Sandeep by checking out the links below! Then, put your puns in the oven and join us again next week for another interview!,p_n_feature_browse-bin:618073011&rnid=618072011&s=books&sprefix=Chicken+book,aps,980&sr=1-28

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Excerpt from Ember of the Planet

Here is an excerpt from book one, Ember of the Planet!

“Ashla!” she yelled, throwing open the door and running in.

The cottage was empty.

Everything was just as it had been when they had left together. The medicines and herbs were still scattered all over the floor by the bed. The mostly uneaten food that Ashla had made for Ember was still on the table. Nothing had been touched, cleaned, or put away. The wood in the fireplace was cold. The one bedroom was empty.

Aaron stepped inside, looking even taller and more menacing in Ember’s cottage. He looked at the state the main room was in and made a noise in his throat.

“Not much for housekeeping, were you?” he teased.

Frowning, Ember pushed past him and ran back outside, calling, “Ashla!” as she ran. She took off down the hill on foot, heading for the woods where they gathered wild herbs and fungi. Her hope fading and her panic rising, she ran, Aaron following after her. His horse was grazing outside the cottage, but Havalea followed them, too.

The woods were just as they always were, no sign of Ashla anywhere. Ember ran through the trees yelling her name, all the way to the tree that had grabbed her the day of her fever. She stopped before it, looking up at its branches. They swayed gently, innocent-looking like every other tree there.

Ember stomped her foot and yelled at the tree, “Where is my sister?”

There was no answer, obviously.

“Why did you do this?” Ember screamed, pushing against the tree. Except for the energy exchange in the palms of her hands, the tree didn’t feel any different. Ember kept pushing on the tree. “Why did you pick me? Look at what you’ve done! I didn’t want any of this!”

“Um…Princess?” Aaron asked quietly from behind her. “Are you alright?”

“Do I look alright?” Ember snapped, leaning against the tree and hanging her head.

“It’s hard to say. You’re yelling at a tree.”

“It started it.” Ember gave the tree a final push and turned away. Her shoulders slumped, her head down. “Ashla isn’t here. It doesn’t look like she’s been here.”

“Then we head back.” Aaron turned and walked away. Havalea moved to the side to give him a wide berth as he passed, her ears laid flat on her head, baring her teeth when he deigned to glance at her. When Ember approached, she nudged her and got on her knees so Ember could mount.

It was a long ride back to the castle.

Ember of the Planet


Here is a short excerpt from The Healer and the Guardian! It’s hard to do too many excerpts without giving anything away, but I’ll post some more of the other books later…Enjoy!

There were tents and sleeping bodies everywhere, but there were also many still awake. Those who couldn’t sleep the night before a battle. Some were tending to fires, lost in thought of their lives and loved ones. Others paced or cleaned weapons or played games. Ember walked silently through them.

Her stomach ached and she winced, putting a hand there. The tug on her abdomen was growing; that’s what was wrong. The Pathfinder was doing something and it was close enough she could feel it. Her eyes scanned the distance, looking out through the darkness in search of something she could not yet see.

There was still a lot of activity by the large meeting tents, the captains busy with planning. Regardless of what they thought of her, Ember thought it best to warn them that she felt something was off.

She didn’t make it to the tent before there was a loud shriek, followed by a growl and a sickening crunch. Those near Ember were on their feet instantly, everyone looking toward the sound. Several people from the meeting tents came out as well.

“What was that?” someone asked.

No one answered, but the night had gone still again. Captain Donnet sent some guards to investigate. Ember was still frozen where she’d been, still looking around her as though expecting to see a ghost.

What she spotted was worse, thanks to Otera’s night-vision. The dirt between the two meeting tents parted as a beast stepped out, as gracefully and quickly as if it were coming out of the water. Its jaws turned toward the captain, but Ember’s arrow misted it seconds before it bit him.

He had only had time to look at it before it was gone, his eyes shifting back to Ember as the mist collected at his feet. He seemed at a loss for words.

“We’re under attack!” Ember screamed, breaking the transfixed stares around her.

All at once, the ground opened, and the lizard-like creatures slithered into the camp. People scurried to grab their weapons, to avoid the jaws filled with teeth. The creatures were the size of wolves with stubby, but fast legs and a row of spikes down their backs. As Ember watched, one of the creatures knocked a man down with a swing of its tail and was about to clamp its jaws on his head when her arrow took it out. The captains were shouting orders to those around them as they fought off the creatures, so Ember turned and ran.

The Healer and the Guardian, Ember of the Planet book three

Litcon 2021!

Welcome to Litcon 2021 everyone! There are a ton of authors, books, cover wars, panels, and more at

I have a booth there as well, but am having some minor tech glitches, so I’m going to post some stuff here for you all.

First of all, welcome to my page!

I just released my third book in my Ember trilogy and it is gorgeous:

The Healer and the Guardian (Ember of the Planet Book 3) by [Dove  Winters]

For the Litcon, I’ve put the first book, Ember of the Planet, on sale, so you can start the trilogy today!

Here’s the link:

And for the UK, the link is:

Since this is a special weekend, I also marked down the first book in my Knight Heir series, here:

And for the UK:

Lots of books to read!

I’ll be posting some excerpts and other things about Ember and her crew, so stop back often. In the meantime, have fun at the con!

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The Healer and the Guardian release day!

The Healer and the Guardian (Ember of the Planet Book 3) by [Dove  Winters]

And here it is! The conclusion to Ember’s journey is finally out in the world!

Writing this series was such a different experience for me. I was going through so much in my personal life, and though Ember’s journey is much different than mine, I felt like I could relate to a lot of her emotions. The whole writing experience surprised me and challenged me in a way none of my other books did, and I hope that means my writing will continue to improve and grow going forward.

I wish I could talk more about it, but in the interest of not revealing spoilers…I’ll wait.

In the meantime, I hope you all get a chance to read the trilogy! This book is book three, and the conclusion, so be sure to check out the first two books to see how it all begins!

And I have to take a moment to squeal over this cover! Jessica Allain from Enchanted Whispers Art is amazing! On all three books I’ve tried to include something important to the story. On books one and two, you can see the wrist cuffs Ember wears. Book two’s cover also has a sample of the dream-pool in the background. I love the sword in the hand of the woman on this cover, as well as the stance of the man and woman. There is a lot of emotion on this cover and it reflects the story inside.

Thank you to all my readers!

I haven’t posted many interviews lately, just due to lack of time and so many things happening at home. But hopefully I’ll have some more fun interviews up soon!

Happy reading, and take care of yourselves and your loved ones! 🙂

Ember of the Planet
The Wind of Chicanery (Ember of the Planet Book 2)

Questions that Matter with Sophia Minetos

I asked the questions that matter of Sophia Minetos! But first, the book:

Now, let’s ask:

Welcome, Sophia! Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Tell us about them!

When I was younger, my imaginary friend was an alien princess named Izia. I wrote a saga of short stories about her parents’ battle for a rogue planet outside of our solar system. I still would love to write a space opera someday, I’m just not particularly well versed in the mechanics of spacecraft. Maybe Izia will make a cameo.

Perhaps she was your writing persona coming alive! Favorite age you’ve been so far?

17! I’m honestly pretty nostalgic for my senior year of high school. I traveled a lot for school that year and made a lot of great memories. I visited Las Cruces, New York, and Lincoln for various theatre trips. And I think that there’s a sort of heightened sense of the imaginary when you’re an adolescent, and I think that part of that is why I write YA. Part of me just wants to recapture that sensation.

One of my favorite ages, too! What is your favorite smell?

Chocolate chip cookies baking in the kitchen! Or rain. I’m a desert dweller, so a rainy day feels a lot like a holiday to me.

Cookies and rain—a perfect combo! Which Greek or Norse mythology character are you?

I feel a sense of kinship with Circe. I would LOVE to have my own island where I spend my days gardening and hanging out with my pet lions and wolves.

Sounds perfect! What is the hardest part of being an author?

For me, it’s the self doubt. When I write, I have a very precise vision for my stories, and I stress about whether or not I’m doing what I have in my head justice when I get it on the page. But I try and allow myself to be imperfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day. A perfect novel doesn’t spring up from an author’s head, fully formed, wearing armor, and ready to go. It’s a process. It’s art. Art takes time.

I couldn’t have said it better! Thank you, Sophia, for letting us get to know you! Support Sophia by checking out the links! Then, get those cookies out of the oven before they burn and join us next time for another interview!

Twitter: @MinetosSophia

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Questions that Matter with Anshita Tamanna Aggarwal

Cover art

I asked the questions that matter of Anshita Tamanna Aggarwal! But first, the book:

Now, the questions!

Welcome, welcome, Anshita! What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

Haha I have actually never thought about it! But I think it will be “In another time, in a happier place, we’ll meet again” 

A beautiful hope! What’s the meaning of life?

I don’t think there is any meaning! It’s just an experience for me. I think a lot of people try to find meaning in everything including life. We all want to be logical. But I believe I’m different! I go with the flow. I remember when my mother had passed away. I was angry and I thought of the same question WHATS THE MEANING OF LIFE? We are all going to die one day! So I think life is more about earning respect and love from others and be known for good character after you’re gone. 

Well-said! What’s your favorite word?

Definitely it’s “Tams”. I didn’t even have to think about it. It’s the pet name that my mother had. I feel mothers are the only ones who will solve your problems with a smile. Their warmth and affection is nowhere else to be found. They are understanding and very gentle. So Tams is my favourite word as well as my favourite person!

Very good! What is one of your favorite quotes?

I think it would be “Life if well lived, is long enough.” I was really inspired when I read it. 

A very inspirational quote! What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

Ah it’s on my forehead. I remember I was very small and I had just learned how to say my parents name! While going down the stairs I was memorising the name and I just tripped over. That was one hell of a day!! Since it’s on my forehead and is visible to everyone I’m always asked “How did you get this scar”? and I have to keep narrating this story. 

Just tell them to come here and read it then from now on! Cook in or eat out?

Totally depends on my mood! I’m a very spontaneous person. I could probably cook in and then feel like I should eat out! Haha that’s how I am. 

I know the feeling! Do you know what your name means? Or who were you named after?

Well so the name Anshita means “Beam Of Light”. I don’t want to sound narcissistic but I’m totally in love with the meaning of my name! 

Not narcissistic at all—it’s a beautiful name! Thank you, Anshita, for coming to this quirky party! Support Anshita by checking out the book! Then, live your life well by coming here to read some more new interviews!


Happy reading! 🙂

Questions that Matter with E. B. Roshan

Final Chance by [E.B. Roshan]

I asked the questions that matter of E. B. Roshan! But first, the book:

Now, we ask:

Nice to meet you, E.B.! How did you meet your best friend?

My best friend happens to be my husband. I met him at the airport, which is a random but not entirely unromantic first meeting place. (He is a pilot.)

That’s a very romantic setting, especially since he’s a pilot! What’s the color of your toothbrush?

My toothbrush is a blue and white Dr. Fresh toothbrush from Walmart. The one I had before it was purple (from the same pack) and I liked it better.

Purple is always better! Favorite age you’ve been so far?

My favorite age has always been my current one, though according to my parents, I actually didn’t enjoy being an infant very much.

Good answer! What is your favorite smell?

My favorite smell is the smell of a dusty street that has been soaked and refreshed by the rain.

Rain is refreshing! What is your favorite flower?

My favorite flower to grow in my garden is the nasturtium, specifically the orange and cream colored ones. Unfortunately, where we live now the heat is so intense we can only enjoy them for a month or two before they get stringy.

I feel the same way in the heat—stringy! Which is your favorite way to dance: with others or alone?

Both! I can’t decide…I just love to dance.

I won’t make you choose, just dance! Do you have an irrational fear?

I am terrified of roosters. But now that I think about it, I’m not sure how irrational this fear is. Have you ever been attacked by a rooster?

I have not, but I have a feeling this fear is completely rational! Thank you, E.B., for answering these important questions! Support E.B. by checking out the books and website! Then, outrun the rooster and join us again for another interview!

Happy reading! 🙂

Questions that Matter with Kerat Jhaj

Himagus: Kill me because I survived. (Himagusians Book 1) by [Kerat Jhaj]

I asked the questions that matter of Kerat Jhaj! But first, the book:

Ready, set….answer!

Welcome, Kerat! What’s your biggest screw-up in the kitchen?

So, once I baked a cake. But I had over filled the utensil with batter making it drip on the oven. The cake turned out fine but the batter still stuck on the oven was completely black. I forgot to clean it and shoved pizza in there.

Later, I came to check on it and the oven was on fire. 

I screamed.

My dad poured water on it, luckily it worked but imagine if it was electric fire, and water only made it worse?

Turned out the burnt cake batter had gone on fire.

I may need to start another squad—we who set things in our kitchens on fire! If you could witness any event past, present, or future, what would it be?

1984, That year a genocide had happened against the people of my religion. It would hurt and destroy me to see what my ancestors went through, yet, I still can’t help but feel like I need to know.

Knowledge can be a powerful thing! Do you know what your name means? Or who you were named after?

My name “Kerat” is inspired by “Kirat Kari” the term means ~ earn an honest, pure and dedicated living by exercising ones skills, abilities, talents and hard labor for the benefit and improvement of individual, their family and society at large.

I love that! Do you sing in the shower?

I sing ALL the time.  It’s quite annoying really… I’ve been in choir for too long!

You can sing all you want here! Favorite drink?

Apple juice!.. I know, I’m such a kid, wait! It’s actually milkshakes. Yep, chocolate milkshakes are my favorite:)

Either way—good choice! The Hunger Games just started! Do you fight for supplies or make a run for it?

I run for the weapon. Steal the supplies when they are asleep and then set them on fire. Oh did you just guess I’m a Slytherin? I don’t know what makes you think that, but you are hundred percent right 😉

I was put in Slytherin, too! We could team up…until the end…What would you tell your younger self?

“You do you”

Wise advice for us all! Thank you, Kerat, for joining this quirky team! Support Kerat by checking out the book! Then, extinguish the fire in your oven and join us for another new interview!

Happy reading! 🙂

Questions that Matter with Shari Sakurai

Demon's Life (Demon's Blood) by [Shari Sakurai]

I asked the questions that matter of Shari Sakurai! But first, the book:

Now, the questions!

Welcome, Shari! What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

When I was six my friend shut my left ring finger in her front door and it nearly cut the entire tip of my finger off! Luckily it hung on and all healed up just fine but I have a circular scar running almost all the way around the end of it!

Ouch! What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

‘We told her that wasn’t a good idea!’

That’s fantastic! What’s your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

I’m always getting teaspoons and tablespoons abbreviations mixed up and once I was making a red sauce and the recipe said 1tsp of sugar so I put in 1tbsp! The sauce turned out so horribly sweet! I didn’t make that again for a long time after that!

Tell everyone you combined dinner and dessert! What is your favorite pizza topping?

I’ll eat almost any pizza, but my absolute favourite toppings are cheese, onion, sweetcorn, peppers, mushrooms and goats cheese! Delicious!

That sounds wonderful—but I would highly recommend throwing some broccoli on there, too! Are you usually early, late, or on time?

I’m always running late. It doesn’t matter how much time I give myself I’m always getting distracted and leaving in a mad rush!

Same here! Hunter or gatherer?

Definitely gathering. Both in gaming and real life I’m always gathering up something!

Find us some berries! Do you have an irrational fear?

Broccoli! I cannot stand the sight, smell or feel of it. I have no idea why but it really creeps me out for some reason!

*quickly picking all the broccoli off the pizza* Sorry, sorry! Let’s pretend I didn’t suggest that! Thank you, Shari, for joining this quirky team! Support Shari by checking out the links! Then, throw all your broccoli away and join us next week for another interview!

Happy reading! 🙂