Quirky Questions with Carly Kade

Cowboy Away (In The Reins Equestrian Romance Series Book 2) by [Kade, Carly]  

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Now for some fun!

Howdy, Carly! Let’s start with what is the hardest part of being an author?

Being an author isn’t always easy! There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved in getting a dream underway. I am responsible for running my own business, Carly Kade Creative, and that includes so many different facets from time management (like actually finding the time to write!) to deadlines to running promotions to generating publicity to website development to creating marketing materials to attending events to running social media channels to writing a blog to publishing my books and so much more. 

Sometimes I think my head might spin. LOL.

In addition, I have a “real” job, a patient spouse, two dogs, and a horse waiting to spend time with me. Being at the barn fuels my creativity and helps me refresh from my life as a corporate cowgirl. I do what it takes to fit in my much needed barn time (although it feels as if it is never for as long as I’d like). Somehow though, I always make everything work and feel so fortunate to be able to have the life that I do. 

I’m a busy cowgirl, and it can be difficult to fit in time for my creative writing, so I designed a plan for my writing life. I get up every morning at 5:30 am and start my day by writing before I go to my corporate job. At the end of the week, my husband reads back to me the chapters I’ve written. The routine works. I finished two books this way, and I’m already almost finished with the third book in my In the Reins horse book series.

I am really proud of the creative life I’m inventing for myself!  

You should be proud! How did you meet your best friend? (Animals count here!)

Sissy is my horse and my very best friend. She’s the type of horse I always dreamed of owning.  She is a registered Paint mare, and I am happily spending time with her in Arizona.  If you’ve taken a tour of my website or followed me on my Carly Kade Creative Facebook page, you’ll notice Sissy also stands in as the horse character Faith in my promotional videos for In the Reins.  I do all the marketing for the books myself so it helps to have my own horse to work with as I film the footage! 

There is nothing more peaceful to me than the quiet bond between a woman and her horse.  I am happiest when I am in the saddle and riding my best friend.  

Forget diamonds; horses are a gal’s best friend! What is your most bizarre talent?

I can perform the walk, trot and canter on all fours. Ever since I was a child, I pretended that I was a horse. As an adult, I still sometimes gallop around the house on my hands and knees with my dogs or to entertain my husband. Super weird … I know!

No one is weird on Quirky Questions! Besides, I did the same! Though my wings got in the way. Moving on! What is your favorite smell?

This one is easy. The smells of the barn! Horses, hay, shavings. 

With a dash of leather and summer! I agree! What superpower would you like to have for a day?

I’d love to have a super power that produced a sense of calm in humans. The closest thing I’ve witnessed to this kind of super power is meditation (and horseback riding). The greatest suffering I think all humans have to endure on some level are the conversations we have in our minds. The stories we tell ourselves about not being good enough or lovable or liked are the thoughts that kill our dreams and stop us from being the change we want to see in the world! I’d love to have a magical wand of calmness that I could wave over humanity. In my imagination, it would heal our world and quiet the nasty, negative internal dialogue that we create for ourselves.  

Now that’s a superpower we could use! What is one of your favorite quotes?

The journey I’ve been on with my book reminds me of the Rumi quote, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” That quote really sums up the pull of my love for horses and creative writing has on me. That love, that pull has not led me astray. I’m glad I had the courage to follow the pull. I am one lucky author cowgirl. I feel so blessed by those who have supported me, the readers who have enjoyed In the Reins and the equestrian community that has embraced me as an author of equestrian fiction. 

You truly are blessed! Now, as we head back to the barn, let me ask: what is your favorite pizza topping?

I am a pizza connoisseur. My husband and I love trying different pizza joints. Right now, we are stuck on finding the best artichoke and cheese pizzas in Arizona. Pizza makes my spurs jingle!

Pizza is the staff of life! Thank you, Carly, for answering my quirky questions! Gallop over to Amazon to buy Carly’s books and throw her a loud Yee-haw! by reading, reviewing, and sharing! We’ll be here again next Friday with more quirky authors!

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Quirky Questions with Donald Firesmith

Hell Holes: What Lurks Below by [Firesmith, Donald]

I asked some quirky questions of Donald Firesmith! But first, check out the works:https://www.amazon.com/Hell-Holes-What-Lurks-Below-ebook/dp/B012IUE14U/

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Now to the questions!

So, Donald, do you have a sweet tooth or savory tooth?

Sadly, I’ve always loved meat and have been known to happily consume meals consisting of nothing but meat, meat, and more meat. I am totally aware of the many negative environmental consequences of meat production and the associated cruelty to sentient creatures, so I feel guilty when I think about it. I hope that lab-produced meat becomes practical in the reasonably near future so that I can enjoy my meat without the associated guilt.

Could I have that steak with a side of…steak? Yum! What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

Skydiving. I think it would be amazingly exciting. Still, the thought of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and depending on a parachute packed by a stranger strikes me as taking an unnecessary risk, especially given the consequence of failure.

I agree with that! What do you think is the closest thing to real magic?

The existence of consciousness (the so-called “hard problem” of philosophy/neuroscience) might as well be magic, given how little we understand how a brain can produce subjective awareness. Even when we eventually identify all of the neural correlates of consciousness, that still won’t explain why subjective experience exists. Having worked my entire life engineering software, I am well aware of AI and robotics. When will AIs become conscious?  How can we know for sure given that we can’t even explain why humans and other animals are conscious?

Hmm…something to think about! Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not sure about first sight, but certainly it need not take long.  I began to fall in love in college the first time I heard her sing, though I was too shy and immature to ever act on my feelings.  And my current wife (of 30 years) and I decided we were going to marry after only knowing each other for ten days.

When it’s right you know it! Movie or book?

I hope both.  I have two Hollywood producers who want to make a movie out of my first Hell Holes book. I granted them one year’s shopping rights, and they hired a screenwriter to produce a script (which I now own).  I updated that script, which you can now obtain from Amazon in the form of an ebook.

How neat is that! Congrats on your success! Would you go out in space if given the opportunity?

Absolutely. I hope that space tourism eventually becomes reasonably priced before I’m too old to withstand the acceleration of take-off and re-entry.  If I was younger and unattached, I would definitely be up for joining a Mars colony or working on the moon.

You’re an adventurous person! So on that note, do you believe in aliens?

Of course! The universe is so large and contains so many planets (and moons) with liquid water that life has likely evolved on millions (and maybe even billions) of worlds.  Still, the number of aliens who have evolved intelligence and created technologies will be far less than the total number of alien species. Whether we will ever have contact given the great distances and timescales is another issue altogether.

Well-said! Thank you, Donald, for answering my quirky questions! Support Donald by following his links and reading his works and watching for his movies, and don’t miss a new round of Quirky Questions next Friday!

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Quirky Questions with Prakash Vir Sharma

W to M of Self-Publishing: Why do Indie Authors Fail? by [Sharma, Prakash Vir]

I asked some quirky questions of Prakash Vir Sharma! But first the link: www.amazon.com/dp/B07B57FTBR

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Now to the questions!

So to begin, what is the hardest part of being an author?

For me, it’s editing. Even finding a good editor is also tough.

Oh, editing! How many of us cringe on hearing that word? Let’s move on! What is your favorite flower?

My favorite flower is Rose.

I have to agree! They are the best flower! What is your most bizarre talent?


I have to say that is the best answer to that question so far! After all, this is Quirky Questions for authors, right? We are talented, bizarre people. Moving on, what’s the meaning of life?

Life is a competitive exam.

Yes it is! Writer, what’s your favorite word?


A good choice! What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Nothing is impossible in the world. If you know exactly what you want to do, there is always a way of doing it.”

Yes! Everyone take note of that! Finally, do you know what your name means? 

My name is Prakash Vir,
Prakash means light, and Vir means Brave.

Awesome! Thank you, Prakash, for being brave enough to do one of my quirky interviews! Support Prakash on social media and join us next week for a new interview that might get a little quirky!

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Quirky Questions with David Kummer

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Let’s have some fun!

So, David, what cd is in your cd-player right now, or what song did you listen to last?

Right now, my CD-player (wait, those are still a thing) is constantly repeating anything by the Killers. I’m going to a concert of theirs in June, and super excited. I should probably take a break soon before I get tired of it…JUST KIDDING THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Also, Twenty One Pilots. |-/, am I right?

Yay! Twenty-one pilots! It’s always exciting to meet another fan! Moving on, what would you want to be written on your tombstone?

“If you feel somebody pulling your hair and then nobody there, it’s probably me. Sorry. I won’t do it again.”

I would thank you not to do that twice! On a scale from 1-5, how afraid of the dark are you?

Um… it depends. If I’ve seen ants recently, then it’s a 5, because ants are the absolute worst and I hate them. If I haven’t seen ants, then it’s 1. If I just watched a frightening, spooky movie, then it’s off the chart by 10 to the 32nd power. Did I mention it’s Finals week? Sorry. Math is in my brain.

So no Marvel’s Ant-Man? Name the top five things you take with you during a zombie outbreak.

  1. I take a tree that will produce Hawaiian Rolls.
  2. The entire TV series Chuck
  3. My phone (duh). T-Mobile service might be a problem… Oh, well, okay…I’ll give it a shot.
  4. A gun (whatever I can find. Something to keep me alive.)
  5. A car.

And hey, if any of you all survive too, hit me up! davidkummer7@gmail.com

Let’s survive together. (Genius way to sneak in my email, right there.)

Wait, wait, wait…you’re going to have a tree that produces Hawaiian Rolls? I’m in! I’ll bring some honey butter. Let’s move on! What is one of your favorite quotes?

My all-time favorite quote has to be “Without fear, there cannot be courage” by Christopher Paolini. For somebody who writes books centered around the frightening, mind-bending, and surprising, you can see why this is important.

Yes, I see! What was the last movie, TV show, or book that made you cry or tear up?

Um… is it okay to put The Office here? Is that acceptable? Oh well. Yeah, it was The Office. I mean, that series finale, man… How can you not? (And I get to watch it all over again with my girlfriend, and enjoy it a second time.)

Of course it’s acceptable! These are your quirky questions after all! For a finale, describe your best pair of socks.

Absolutely none. Every pair of socks I own has a hole in them. At least one hole. Well, except for that pair of… Nope, just kidding. Those just got a hole, too.

Darn those socks! Ha! (Okay, okay, that joke was awful! I apologize.)  Anyway, thank you, David, for joining my quirky interrogation! Support David by following on social media, reading, and reviewing! We’ll be here next Friday to see a new author in the hot seat!

Happy reading! 🙂


Quirky Questions with L. C. Perry

Gold Shadow (Bronze Rebellion Book 1) by [Perry, L.C.]

I asked some quirky questions of L. C. Perry! But first, the book: https://www.amazon.com/Gold-Shadow-Bronze-Rebellion-Book-ebook/dp/B077WLJQ9P/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1531488240&sr=8-5&keywords=gold+shadow+book

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Now for some questions!

Hello, L. C.! What superpower would you like to have for a day?

Telekinesis! Being able to move stuff without having to do it yourself has always intrigued me…and it could also be because I’m a little lazy lol.

Accio book! Yes! Were you the class clown or teacher’s pet?

Teacher’s pet definitely. I was waaay too socially awkward to be a class clown!

Same here! Are you usually early, late, or on time?

One thing I learned from playing sports is if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late, and if you’re late you’re running. It turns out that happened to already be one of my life mottos. Early wins every time!

Wise words to live by! What animal-person are you?

DOG PERSON! I adore dogs! 😀

Woman’s best friend! Do you believe in aliens?

Of course! There’s no way we’re the only lifeforms out there!

Welcome to Earth! The Hunger Games just started! Do you fight for supplies or do you run for it?

Oh, I run for it. I would be a sucky fighter and given my height, I’m an easy target XD

You’re welcome to hide in the trees with me! When did your heart last ‘skip a beat’? Why?

Haaaa just a few hours ago! And for a book I recently finished! Go figure 😛

So many good books out there! They keep our hearts beating! Thank you, L. C., for answering my quirky questions. Make your heart skip a beat by reading L. C.’s book! And join us next Friday for more quirky questions!

Happy reading! 🙂

Quirky Questions with Wayne Turmel

Acre's Bastard: Historical Fiction from the Crusades: (Part 1 of the Lucca le Pou Stories by [Turmel, Wayne]

I asked quirky questions of Wayne Turmel! But first, check out the book: https://www.amazon.com/Acres-Bastard-Historical-Fiction-Crusades-ebook/dp/B07CRS9H2L

Wayne, you’re in the hot seat!

So, Wayne, what’s your favorite sound?

Little kids laughing their butts off. There’s nothing better for the soul and it’s more contagious than Ebola.

My house is filled with it! Kids’ laughter, I mean, not Ebola! What is one of your favorite quotes?

I read something in a cheesy Don Pendleton spy novel when I was a kid and it stuck with me. Later I found out he stole it from Ian Fleming: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”  In other words, never overreact to something, and be open to the idea that s*** happens. If it happens a lot, though, there’s probably some evil weasel behind it. Hunt him down and kill him.

I am on the hunt! Meanwhile, if you were reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

I want to come back as a sea otter— adorable, spending all day at the beach, eating seafood off my tummy. There’s a life for ya.

That is the life, I agree! Are you usually early, late, or on time?

I’m chronically, pathologically, annoyingly early for everything. My mother always told me if you’re late it’s because you think your time is more important than the other person’s time and that’s just rude. It scarred me for life. Drives my wife, The Duchess, crazy.

You can’t rush a Duchess! What do you think the best invention is?

Definitely hot and cold running water. It changed cooking, health, and most importantly sex. It’s no coincidence that the sexual revolution happened once you could take a shower first.

 I hadn’t thought about it before, but that makes a lot of sense! What is your motto? 

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. The rest of us are doomed too, but at least we get to stand there smugly and say, “told you so.” 

 Love it! So tell us: Do you believe in aliens?

Oh lord, I hope they exist. If we’re the smartest thing out there, we’re soooooo screwed.

My thoughts exactly! Thank you, Wayne, for putting a smile on our faces today! If you’d like to support Wayne, check out his book and share this post anywhere you can! Then take a shower and come back next Friday for a new round of questions with quirky people!

Happy reading! 🙂

Quirky Questions with Robert Forrest

I asked some quirky questions of Robert Forrest! But first, check out some links:

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rob.forrest….
‘Population: Unknown’ http://getbook.at/PopulationUnknownPB

On to the questions!

Welcome to Quirky Questions, Robert! Let’s begin! The Hunger Games just started! Do you fight for supplies or do you run for it?

Well, sadly I am afflicted with a condition… Congenital Cowardice. So I would be a Rob-shaped blur as I essentially hug the outer circle, camp, and do everything possible to avoid any other contact or action. Then, when it is just me and the last remaining contestant, I would wait for them to be asleep, or attending to matters of nature, before essentially dropping something heavy on them.

Might I suggest poison berries? Less messy. Help me out with this one: why did the chicken cross the road?

I just said, so I can hit the last remaining Tribute from behind with a cheap shot 🙂

You win for that response! Were you the class clown or a teacher’s pet?

*Hurriedly hides freshly polished apple behind back* erm…. Yeah, I was the nerd. When your parties with your friends are LAN parties, you have to accept that.

*Eats the apple* Oh, thanks! I was hungry. Back to questions: tell us something you have never told anyone else.

The body’s hidden in the woods past the first conifer tree at…. Wait you’re not a cop right? ‘Cus legally you have to tell me if you’re a cop.

A cop? I’m just a little winged bird sitting on the power line. But I see everything from up here! What would you name your boat if you had one?

Serenity, I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan, I absolutely adored Firefly and Serenity. Buffy and Angel too, he has a writing style I find witty and hilarious. He has a good team who he knows works well together, and produces good quality stuff almost every time.

I like that! Do you have a sweet tooth or a savory tooth?

I’m a savoury Tooth Tiger. 😉 That’s a lie, Poppy Seed Pastries all the way. They’re my Kryptonite. I never knew they existed before we came to Germany but my word… I have a problem.

I request one of those instead of an apple next time. Last question: what is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?

I have a triangular shaped scar on my left index finger. It’s from a stray broken teapot spout in a bowl of murky washing up water. How British is THAT!

Ouch! Thank you, Robert, for providing some quirky answers to my questions! If you’d like to support Robert, follow the links above and check out the book! We’ll be here (hopefully with pastries) next Friday for another round of questions!

Happy reading! 🙂